Arrival Times

Faculty are requested to arrive no less than 45 minutes before the start time of the ceremony to allow ample time to line up.

Staff who will be assisting with directing hallway traffic and lining up students are requested to arrive an hour before the start of the ceremony. Please check in with the commencement team staff at the card table (ticket box office hallway) before proceeding to your assigned hallway.

Commencement Speaker Rehearsals

Faculty and staff who wish to rehearse their speaking parts (or accompany their student speakers as they rehearse) in the Holmes Convocation Center are welcome and encouraged to schedule an appointment time through the Registrar's Office. Please call x2050 to make arrangements.

On the day of your appointment, please enter the Holmes Convocation Center through the ticket box office entrance and check in at the information desk so a staff member can escort you onto the arena floor. You may also enter on the concourse level and walk down the arena stairs. Other doors on the lower level are kept locked, so we do not recommend trying to enter from entrances other than those suggested above.

Faculty Staging Areas

The staging area for faculty can be accessed through the lower level on the northwest side of the Holmes Convocation Center. Follow the directional signs at the main entrance of the building, located on Hill Street. Please arrive no less than 45 minutes before the start time for the ceremony.


The Office of Academic Affairs will cover the cost of faculty regalia reservations for Commencement. To make a reservation, please contact the University Bookstore.