Undergraduate Students

Online Application Dates

 Graduation Application Opens                          Last Day to Apply and Have Name in Program     Graduation Application Final Closing (Last Day to Apply)
Spring 2020

August 26, 2019
(for May and Summer 2020 graduation)

April 3, 2020
(for May and Summer 2020 graduation)

May 7, 2020
(for May 2020 graduation)

Summer 2020

August 26, 2019
(for May and Summer 2020 graduation)

April 3, 2020
(for May and Summer 2020 graduation)

August 3, 2020
(for Summer 2020 graduation)

Fall 2020

January 27, 2020
(for December 2020 graduation

October 30, 2020
(for December 2020 graduation)

December 10, 2020
(for December 2020 graduation)

 Applying to Graduate

Currently Enrolled Students

Students who have enough earned hours to be eligible to apply for graduation will receive an email at the beginning of the term alerting them that the application for graduation is open. Students are required to apply for graduation during the term immediately preceding the one in which they expect to complete all coursework and requirements for graduation (including internships, study abroad, etc.). Even if you do not plan to attend the Commencement ceremony, you must still apply to graduate.

For instructions on submitting your application, see the Online Degree Application tutorial. A $15.00 degree application fee will be posted to accounts of graduating seniors during the semester they apply to graduate. Please select the correct term of graduation, as you will be charged the $15.00 fee each time you need to reapply. You should select the term that represents when you will complete ALL requirements for graduation, not the term you plan to participate in commencement.

Based on your formal application to graduate, the Dean’s Office of your major college will review your student record and notify you by email whether you have met the requirements to be awarded your degree. If you have not met all degree requirements for that term, you will need to reapply to graduate for the future term in which you anticipate completing all remaining requirements. Your degree will not be awarded until you have been cleared by the College as meeting the requirements for graduation, and have an active graduation application for the term in which you are cleared. The graduation check-out is what prompts the Registrar's Office to award your degree once the College confirms all requirements have been met. Students who do not submit an application for graduation will not have their degree awarded and will not receive a diploma.

Students Not Currently Enrolled

Students not currently enrolled at Appalachian may submit an online degree application through their AppalNET account by clicking on the 'Self Service' tab, 'Student' tab, 'Student Records' link, and then 'Apply to Graduate' link. 

How to Apply

You may complete your degree application in AppalNet by clicking on the 'Self Service' tab, 'Student' tab, 'Student Records' link, and then 'Apply to Graduate' link. Make sure you review and then select the appropriate major(s) and degree(s) with which you are graduating. Failure to submit the correct information by the application deadline will result in you not being awarded your degree in the specified term. An undergraduate graduation application fee of $15 will be applied to your student account for each term you apply to graduate and for each distinct degree. 

If you need to change any information regarding your major, minor, or concentration do so before submitting your application for graduation by contacting your Dean's office.

Making Changes to Your Application

Please contact the Registrar's Office at graduation@appstate.edu if you need to make any changes on your degree application after it is submitted. If the term you will meet your graduation requirements changes, you must contact the graduation unit to have your current application removed. This will allow you to submit another online degree application for the appropriate term at a later date. You will be charged an additional $15 application fee each time you apply.

Students not currently enrolled at Appalachian may submit an online degree application through their AppalNET account by clicking on the 'Self Service' tab, 'Student' tab, 'Student Records' link, and then 'Apply to Graduate' link.

Updating Your Expected Graduation Date

If you have applied to graduate and determine that the term you will meet your graduation requirements changes, please contact graduation@appstate.edu to update your term of graduation. If you are formally reviewed short for graduation by your dean’s office for the term you have applied, the Registrar’s Office will automatically move your graduation application forward to the next available term (unless otherwise instructed by the dean’s office). Please make sure any fees, including your application for graduation fee and any other outstanding balance, is paid by the end of the semester in which the student is graduating.


  Ceremony Information

Notification & Advertisement

Students will be sent an e-mail containing important information pertaining to the Commencement Ceremony. Examples of information included will be: Time you should arrive for their ceremony and place to pick up name announcement card.

Students graduating from multiple colleges may select the ceremony they wish to attend. These students are invited to participate in all college ceremonies under which they will receive a degree.

Archived Ceremonies

For previous ceremony information, visit commencement.appstate.edu

Graduation Rehearsal

There will be NO REHEARSAL prior to graduation. However, the Graduation Unit has developed a Virtual Commencement Rehearsal to help provide you with detailed information about the ceremony, what to do, where to go, and what to expect from the day. We hope you will use this helpful resource as you prepare to participate in Commencement.

Candidates for graduation will enter the Holmes Convocation Center through the ticket box entrance on the lower level. Contact tables, sorted by last name, will be staffed by members of the Registrar's Office. Candidates will pick up their pre-printed name cards at this location. Just before walking across the stage, the candidate will hand the card to the ceremony name reader. These cards will be used by the official commencement photographer, Grad Images, to expedite mailing of photograph proofs taken during the ceremony.

Photos/Live Broadcast

Information on purchasing photos will be sent to the student's permanent address. Only authorized press and University photographers are permitted on the floor to take pictures after the ceremony is in progress. Official photographs taken by GradImages, 1-800-261-2576 or http://www.gradimages.com.

You can view the ceremony through our live broadcast at http://commencement.appstate.edu.

Processional & Recessional

After students leave the staging area for the processional, they will not return to that area. Students will recess through the guest seating into the concourse area. Please plan to meet your guests in a specific section of the concourse (see map of Holmes Convocation Center).

Regalia, Announcements and Photos

Commencement Attire Policy

The University has implemented a Commencement Attire Policy effective Fall 2018 to provide guidance to the campus on what is considered appropriate attire for our commencement ceremonies. Please review the policy and ensure that you are in compliance with the regulations set forth as they relate to any and all upcoming commencement ceremonies. Questions may be directed to the Office of the Registrar (828) 262-2050 or by email at registrar@appstate.edu.

Dress for Ceremony

Only traditional academic regalia, consisting of a cap, gown, and hood can be worn at Commencement. Arrangements for caps, gowns, and invitations should be made through the University Bookstore. For details and information, please visit their website at: http://bookstore.appstate.edu

Business attire is recommended to be worn with regalia. The tassel should be positioned on the right side of your cap. After degrees are conferred, the tassel should be moved to the left side of your cap. Please see the Virtual Commencement Rehearsal for additional information about regalia and ceremony dress. 

Caps/Gowns & Announcements

Regalia, personalized and generic announcements, class rings and diploma frames are purchased through the Appalachian State University Bookstore. Students should check the University Bookstore website for current information and deadlines for ordering and purchasing these items.


Diplomas for those students who meet all requirements and are awarded their degree(s) will be mailed directly from the vendor to the diploma mailing address listed on your degree application approximately 12 weeks after graduation. Therefore, it is important that you provide a mailing address that reflects where you will be living two months AFTER graduation rather than where you are currently living. Duplicate orders for diplomas that are lost or delivered to an expired address will incur an additional fee - for undergraduate students, $15 per diploma, and for graduate students, $25 per diploma.

Students who participate in the commencement ceremony will receive a commemorative diploma cover at the ceremony, which can be used to store their diploma upon receipt. Any student who does not participate in the ceremony may still receive a diploma cover during the term in which they graduate by visiting the Registrar’s Office in person to pick it up, or emailing graduation@appstate.edu to have it sent to them by mail.

Graduation with Honors

Candidates for Latin, University, College or Departmental honors will be recognized during the ceremony. To be eligible for graduation with honors, an undergraduate student must complete, in residence at Appalachian, a minimum of 48 semester hours. (Note: Credit for which a grade is not awarded will not be used in the determination of honors—e.g., AP, CLEP, credit by examination, credit for military service, credit for prior learning, etc.) A minimum grade-point average of 3.45 is required for graduating cum laude; a minimum grade-point average of 3.65 is required for graduating magna cum laude; and a minimum grade-point average of 3.85 is required for graduating summa cum laude.

The GPA used to recognize candidates for Latin honors (during the ceremony) is the cumulative GPA earned through the immediately preceding (not the current) semester.

Outstanding Balances Owed

Please note that it is a policy of the State of North Carolina that neither diplomas nor transcripts can be released if the student has an unpaid account with the University. Graduating students should contact the Student Accounts Office (262-2113), the Library (262-2818), and the Bookstore (262-3070) to ensure that their accounts are clear. Note also that students who have received a federal loan (Perkins or Stafford) are required to have an "exit interview" prior to graduation. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (262-2190) for assistance.

Teacher Licensure Candidates

For those teacher candidates who anticipate applying for Teacher Licensure, information regarding the process will be provided by RCOE Dean’s Office Staff during the student teaching experience.  Do not apply for your Teacher Licensure any earlier than your student teaching semester when you receive information from the Dean’s Offices.