Course Term File

Schedule Build Calendars

For deadline dates and other information about Course Term File (CTF), please refer to the Schedule Build Calendar page.

Course Standard Meeting Pattern Grid

Classes should adhere to the standard meeting time periods as much as possible. Departments should refer to the Standard Meeting Pattern Grid for more information on appropriate time blocks.

WebFocus Dashboards

Departments and Dean's Offices may find their Course Term File, by accessing their department's WebFocus Dashboard on the Dashboard page.

Users should select the Course Listing Excel PROD report for the upcoming term. For example, for the Spring 2015 Schedule, the report is run for 201510 (rather than the past term - 201410). This is very important so that you and our staff have the correct Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) for the upcoming term. (CRNs change for a section from term to term.)


We encourage departments and dean's offices to use the Banner form, SZASECT, to make changes to their class schedule. This form allows departments to make updates that are immediately reflected in Banner.

  • Departments utilizing SZASECT for the class schedule build process are able to update meeting pattern, instructor, room assignment, maximum enrollment, waitlist enrollment via Banner. These updates are immediately reflected in Banner.
  • Since departments are able to make nearly all course updates on SZASECT, only course additions and deletions have to be submitted in spreadsheet format to Please note the specific addition or deletion that needs to be made for each course in your spreadsheet by highlighting or changing the font color. (Deletions must be marked in order for us to identify them and delete them in Banner. Please do not simply delete them from your spreadsheet.)

Information for All Departments

  • For courses with an online component, please indicate the percentage of the course taught online. This percentage can range from 0 to 100 and represents your best estimate of the section's online features. The Schedule Type for the online course is updated based on the percentage of online activity. This update should be done prior to registration.
  • Departments that offer courses via Distance Education will be receiving information in a separate communication from that office.
  • If you need SZASECT training (initial or refresher), please contact
  • If your department is not using the SZASECT form, please contact us as soon as possible at so that we can provide detailed information on submitting the CTF via spreadsheet or hard copy.
  • Classes should adhere to the standard meeting time periods as much as possible. Departments should refer to the Standard Meeting Pattern Grid for more information on appropriate time blocks.
  • Most classes should include meeting days, times, building and room information. In a small number of cases, this information may not be available. Please refer to the Banner CTF Guidelines for details on acceptable meeting pattern, building and room information in those cases. Please note that the Sunday 5:00-5:01 a.m. time is no longer necessary.
  • Departmental users removing section notes on SZASECT should use the Record/Remove function to completely remove the note so it is no longer viewable on the web.
  • After registration has opened, departments must notify students if it necessary to make a change to the meeting time on SZASECT because it could create time conflicts for a student's schedule.

Online Classes

Online classes need to be coded on SZASECT with specific online schedule types. Departments can view their classes that have been coded as online by viewing a new dashboard report. The report is called "Online Courses by Department [Dept Name]" or "Online Courses by College [College Name]" and displays sections in the department that have one of the online Schedule Types below. If there is an online section missing from this report, the department should let the staff in the Information Services Area know which section is online and the percentage of online activity so that the Schedule Type can be updated to the appropriate code. Please be aware that changing the building/room to WEB does not change the Schedule Type to online. It is best to let the Information Services area know as soon as possible because once students are registered for the class, students must be dropped and re-added to the class in order to change the Schedule Type.

Online Schedule Types (viewable on SZASECT):

  • WEB = Web Based-Entirely (100)
  • WEM = Web Based-Majority (90-99)
  • WEH = Web Based-Hybrid (50-89)
  • WLH = Web Hybrid-Primarily Lec (<50)

If you have any questions, please call our Information Services area at 6818 or by e-mailing

Academic Course Meeting Dates Exemptions

All classes at Appalachian State University should have start and end dates based on the standard academic semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) using first day of classes and last day of final exams as determined by the University Academic Calendar Committee. It is important for courses to meet within the standard semester dates to avoid scheduling and other issues for students. See the Date Exemption Request page for more information.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the Banner form/process in your department's schedule build process, please do not hesitate to contact our Information Services Area at 6818.