What is the Tuition Surcharge?

Undergraduate students who initially enrolled at Appalachian in the fall, 1994 and thereafter, must comply with North Carolina Session Law 321-89 (Senate Bill 27) and 769-17.10 (Senate Bill 1505). In 2009, the General Assembly (Senate Bill 202 - Section 9.10b) increased the surcharge rate from 25% to 50%, beginning Fall 2010. This legislation requires a tuition surcharge of fifty percent (50%) on: 1) all credit hours in excess of one hundred and forty (140) when taken as part of the student's first baccalaureate degree; and 2) all credit hours in excess of one hundred and ten percent (110%) of the number required for a second or subsequent baccalaureate degree. Included in the calculation of surcharge hours will be 1) all coursework attempted at Appalachian (i.e., courses earned, courses failed, courses repeated, and courses dropped after the UNC system "census" date published in the academic calendar), and 2) all coursework transferred to Appalachian from other institutions. Excluded from the calculation will be credit by examination, advance placement credit, military credit and credit earned through an extension program or during the summer at any member institution of the University of North Carolina. (Note: Every baccalaureate degree at Appalachian requires a minimum of 122 credit hours; Appalachian does not offer a baccalaureate degree that requires more than 128 credit hours.)

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