DegreeWorks is the University's web-based degree audit tool that facilitates the monitoring of students' academic progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks helps students with catalog year 2009 or after Finish in Four. All faculty members that have been approved for advisor security within our student information system will have access to DegreeWorks.

Access DegreeWorks

DegreeWorks can be accessed through AppalNet, or by going directly to the DegreeWorks Login page.


Check out DegreeWorks' New Look and Feel!

DegreeWorks will be getting a new look starting Fall 2023!

You can start using this dashboard now by going to the new login page. If you're having trouble accessing it, please try a different browser to access it.

We've created a PDF for students to show the basics of navigation. You can download it here.

We've also created a PDF for Faculty and Staff. You can get that one here.

Student Benefits

  • Real-time information
  • Interactive "what if" scenario planning
  • More transparent course and credit transfer
  • Faster time to graduation - Finish in Four


Learn how students can get the most out of DegreeWorks

Faculty & Staff Benefits

  • More personalized advising
  • Improved retention and graduation rates
  • More transparent transfer articulation
  • Clear and consistent degree plans
  • More timely degree certification


Faculty/Advisor Tutorials


General Questions

If you are having a DegreeWorks issue please provide specific details via email to

Transfer Coursework

If you have a question about transfer coursework and DegreeWorks, please email Transfer Admissions & Engagement at

Power Users

Experts in their college for accuracy of information in DegreeWorks. Power-users are the "go-to" in their college for questions and corrections needed in DegreeWorks.

  • Chair - Eric Berry, Senior Associate Registrar AP&P and DegreeWorks
    • Jordan Brown - DegreeWorks Technology Support Analyst
    • Tara Strickland - Catalog and Curriculum Analyst
  • University Registrar - Gail Rebeta
  • Arts & Sciences – Diana Nelson
  • Business – Matt Crump
  • Health Sciences – Jessica Guggenheimer
  • Music – Jay Jackson and Janet Seatz
  • Fine & Applied – Mark Miller
  • Education – Oana Devera
  • Transfer Admissions and Engagement - Nate Weigl
  • Graduate School – Anna Basnight and Charity Chicoine
  • University College – Laura Newmark and Jayne Greene
  • Honors College - Angela Mead
  • General Education - Kristin Hyle

Technical Experts

Ensure data download from Banner to DegreeWorks is accurate. Manage the web interface and serve as liaison with other ITS staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Eric Berry, Registrar's Office
  • Jordan Brown, Registrar's Office
  • Jason Grubb ITS
  • Martin Moore, ITS
  • Daniel West, ITS