General Education Theme Selection Tool

IMPORTANT: Select your Gen Ed Themes!

DegreeWorks tracks your degree progress much more effectively if you select your General Education themes. Selecting your themes shows you and your advisor how you plan to complete the General Education requirements. It also makes the General Education block in DegreeWorks much easier to read.

It only takes a few minutes for you to select your themes using the online tool in AppalNet.  Please follow the instructions below to do so. If you are unsure of which themes you want to select, please refer to your advising notes (at the bottom of your DegreeWorks page), your Advising Planner from Orientation, and the theme descriptions in the Undergraduate Bulletin for assistance.  

Instructions for selecting your Integrative Learning Experience theme and Science Inquiry:

  • Login to AppalNET, click on the Student tab, and then click the General Education Theme Selection link.

  • Click on the first drop down box and select your Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) theme.

  • Click on the second drop down box and select your Science Inquiry theme.

  • After both selections have been made, press the Submit button.

  • You will be able to see your theme selections in DegreeWorks the next day.

You may change your theme selections at any time by logging into AppalNET using the instructions above. (DegreeWorks refreshes overnight so you will not see your updated theme selections until the next day.) However, if you have already taken a class in an ILE theme or a Science Inquiry, please contact your academic advisor or Dean's Office before changing your theme(s).