Yes, but if registration becomes available for that section, you will have to choose between the two sections. All registration rules are still enforced when adding the actual class.

You can drop yourself from a waitlist just like you would drop yourself from a course you are registered for in AppalNet. Click on the drop down menu to the right of the course you are waitlisted for and select 'Drop', then click 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen.

  1. "Closed - # Waitlisted". This message means that you are eligible to waitlist the section and whatever number is in the '#' position means that many people are already on the waitlist. To get on the waitlist, choose the 'Wait List' option from the drop down menu and you will become the next person on the waitlist.
  2. "Closed - Waitlist Full". This means you are not eligible to waitlist the section.
  3. "Open - Waitlist Filled". This means there is a seat open in the course but there is a student on the waitlist who is eligible to register for that seat. Since that top waitlisted student hasn't taken any action yet, the waitlist is still full. As soon as that student registers for, or drops off the waitlist, a seat will come open on the waitlist.

When you drop a course that has a waitlist attached to it must sign up for the waitlist for that section in order to get back into the class.

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat in any section. If you become eligible to register for that seat, you will receive an e-mail in your ASU account. If seats are open in a course that has a waitlist on it, each student on the waitlist could potentially use their entire 18 hour window to register for, or drop the course. This could add up to a long waiting period for students at the end of the list.

Waitlist positions are not displayed in AppalNet. Because these positions change so frequently, please do not call administrative staff asking for your position.

If you were eligible to register for a section and missed the 18 hour window of opportunity to register for a class, you are dropped from the waitlist and must sign up for the waitlist again.

Once you are eligible to register for a waitlisted course, you will have 18 hours to register via AppalNet before the next person on the waitlist gets the opportunity to register. The e-mail notification will include a timestamp that specifically tells you when the window of opportunity to register for the seat will expire.

Once a seat becomes available in a course you will receive an e-mail in your ASU e-mail account with instructions on how to move the course from a 'Wait List' status to a '**Web Registered**' status.

When you are unable to waitlist a closed section, consider the following restrictions:

  1. Waitlist rules will not allow waitlisting for a duplicate section of a course in which a student is already enrolled
  2. The same pre-requisites that are enforced on the course section are enforced when signing up for that section's waitlist
  3. The waitlist capacity of the section has already been met

No, academic departments have the authority to choose which sections will have a waitlist and which will not.