Parent Access

It should be understood that, at the post-secondary level, parents do not have automatic access to the student's education records. Access may be provided, under the following circumstances:

Granting Parent Access

Appalachian State University has developed an option to allow authorized access to student information for parents, guardians or third parties.

The Parent Access option is available to the student in AppalNET to grant access to the following types of information: Academic Records, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Housing and/or Conduct Records.

The student must follow these steps to grant access:

  • the student logs into AppalNET (link is external) using the student's ASU username and password
  • the student selects the Parent Access option by selecting the Student tab, then the "Parent Access" link. (The "Parent Access" link is also available from the "Student Accounts" link).
  • the student must enter the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name of the parent, guardian or third party to get access
  • the student may enter the e-mail address of the parent or guardian so that they may receive e-mail notifications from Student Accounts when bills are available online
  • the student chooses a 6-digit PIN number to be used by parent or guardian
  • the student selects which type of information will be accessible by parent or guardian
  • the student selects the "Submit" button
  • the student will give the Banner ID and selected PIN to parent, guardian or third party

The student is responsible for providing the Banner ID and PIN information to those who have been granted access. Any requests for information by the specified individual(s) requires the knowledge of these numbers.

In the absence of student consent, the parents (or legal guardians) must provide a copy of their Federal Income Tax form filed for the most recent tax year, indicating that the student was claimed as a dependent. The tax form should be directed to the Registrar's Office, and must be accompanied by a signed letter that clearly identifies the student and specifies the information needed from the education record. (Note: the student will be notified that a request for confidential information has been received, and that the University will comply with the request.)

Individual employees may decline to provide requested information if they determine that disclosure would be detrimental to the student-institution relationship or impede efficient and effective University operations.

For questions or problems related to access, please contact the Registrar's Office at (828) 262-2050.