Schedule Build

Schedule Build Calendars

For deadline dates and other information regarding the Schedule Build Timelines for Fall, Spring, and Summer, please refer to the Schedule Build Calendar page. 

Course Build Approval System, CBAS

Please note the use of the Course Build Approval System (CBAS), for additions, deletions, and course changes that warrant Dean approval for Main Campus Boone, Main Campus Hickory, and the Appalachian State University Online Flex Model courses. All App State Online Cohorts will be built in CBAS every term.


Immediate course changes to Banner can be made via SZASECT according to these parameters and without Dean Approval:

Fall and Spring
Main Campus and App State Online Flex Model:
 SZASECT is available for Fall and Spring course changes that do not warrant Dean approval. Changes to required special approvals, meeting pattern, instructor, room assignment, maximum and projected enrollment, waitlist, and course section notes can be made.

Main Campus and App State Online Flex Model:
 SZASECT is available for Summer course changes for required special approvals, meeting pattern, room assignment, maximum and projected enrollment, waitlist, and course section notes. Instructor additions and changes along with percent of instruction must be made in CBAS to ensure Dean approval.

Fall, Spring, and Summer
App State Online, Online/Site-Based Cohort Model:
 Courses will be built using the Course Build Approval System, CBAS.

Section Notes
Departmental users removing section notes on SZASECT should use the Record/Remove function to completely remove the note so it is no longer viewable on the web.

Notifying Students
After registration has opened, departments must notify students if it is necessary to make a change to the meeting time on SZASECT. Such changes can create time conflicts for a student's schedule.

Online Schedule Types
Departments should also update the "online" tab to reflect the amount of online activity for courses with specific online schedule types and indicate your preference for listing the course on UNC Online.

SZASECT Training (initial training or refresher)
Please contact

Student Common Dashboard

In addition to accessing CBAS, Departments and Dean's Offices may find their Course Term File, CTF, by accessing the Student Common Dashboard.  

Classroom Scheduling

For steps and resources for classroom scheduling, please see the Classroom Scheduling pages.

Course Section Notes

For important information on what course section notes will get automatically added and what course section notes departments must add on their own, please refer to Best Practices for Course Section Notes.

Course Standard Meeting Pattern Grids

Classes should adhere to the standard meeting time periods. Refer to the Standard Meeting Pattern Grid for more information on appropriate time blocks for Main Campus and App State Online Flex Model courses.  Refer to the LLHS Standard Meeting Pattern Grid for appropriate time blocks for the Beaver College of Health Sciences.

Online Classes

Online classes need to be coded with specific online schedule codes.

Please be aware that changing the building/room to WEB does not change the Schedule Code to online. It is best to submit this change via CBAS or let the Student Services Team know at as soon as possible. Once students are registered for the class, students must be dropped and re-added to the class in order to change the Schedule Code.

Online Schedule Codes (viewable on SZASECT and CBAS):

  • WEB = Web Based-Entirely (100)
  • WEM = Web Based-Majority (90-99)
  • WEH = Web Based-Hybrid (50-89)
  • WLH = Web Hybrid-Primarily Lecture (<50)

Please be sure to enter information about your online courses and their percentage of online activity on the "online" tab on SZASECT if you are not using CBAS. This includes indicating whether you want your course to be posted on UNC Online. If you have any questions, please call our Student Services Team at 6818 or by e-mailing

Academic Course Meeting Dates Exceptions

All classes at Appalachian State University should have start and end dates based on the standard academic semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) using the first day of classes and the last day of final exams as determined by the University Academic Calendar Committee. It is important for courses to meet within the standard semester dates to avoid scheduling and other issues for students. See the Date Exception Request page for more information.

If you have any questions or need additional information about your department's schedule build process, please contact our Student Services Team at 6818 or by emailing