Currently Enrolled Students

End of Semester Transcript Request Information

During the end of semester processing, please make sure that final grades have posted to your transcript before placing your order. You can view your unofficial academic transcript online through your AppalNet account to ensure grades have been posted. Please do not use the Final Grades option under your AppalNet account, as this may show grades that have not been posted to your transcript. We will not re-send transcripts that are missing grades due to orders being placed before end of term processing has been finalized.

*You should only select the Hold for Degree option if your degree has not yet been awarded.

If you select hold for degree and have more than one degree at Appalachian State University, you will be presented with the option to select a degree. It is only necessary to complete the ordering process one time to receive your full transcript. Appalachian State University does not issue separate transcripts for multiple degrees awarded.

Currently enrolled students can request official transcripts via AppalNet. Please follow these steps to submit a transcript request online:

  1. Access your AppalNet account

  2. Click on the 'Student' tab, then the 'Student Records' link

  3. Click on the 'Official Transcript Request' link

  4. On the National Student Clearinghouse site, scroll down and click on 'Order Transcripts'

  5. Begin entering your Personal Information - your Banner ID or SSN is required. Then, continue to proceed through the steps to complete your order.

  6. Read the information provided on the page carefully and follow the steps to request your official transcript.


Currently enrolled students may also access their unofficial transcript through AppalNet. Once in AppalNet, click on the Student tab, then Student Records and Unofficial Academic Transcript.

To save your unofficial transcript, please either right click on your displayed transcript or press CTRL+P and select "Print....". Then under print destinations select "Save as PDF". You can choose to rename the file and then click SAVE.