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Level Designation Teaching Code Major, Minor or Certificate Effective Term End Term College or School Department or Program CIP Old Code
U BS 121E Quantitative Environmental Science 202440 AS GES 030104
U BS 121F Natural Resources 202440 AS GES 030104
U BA 233F Rhetoric and Technical Writing 202440 AS ENG 230101
u BS 272N Legal Studies 202440 AS P S 451001
U BS 314A Cybersecurity 202440 CB CIS 111003
U BM 554J Jazz 202440 MU MUS 500903
U BS 567D Strength and Conditioning 202440 HS HES 260908
U BS 567F Applied Exercise Physiology 202440 HS HES 260908
U BS 567G General Concentration 202440 HS HES 260908
U Certificate 617A Zero Energy Residential Construction 202440 FA TEC 159999
U BS 846A Health Sciences 202440 HS NHM 510000
U Minor 925 Rhetoric and Technical Writing 202440 AS Eng 230101
U Minor 926 Latine/x and Latin American Studies 202440 AS IDS 050107
U Minor 995 Philosophy Politics and Economics 202440 AS P R 380199
U Minor 996 Philosophy and Religious Studies 202440 AS P R 380001
G MLS T 465B School Libraries 202440 ED MCL 250101
G MLS 465D Library Science, General 202440 ED MCL 250101
G MS 822A Occupational Therapy 202440 HS RHS 512306
G MPH 833A Public Health 202440 HS HES 512201
G Certificate 858A Special Education Leadership 202440 ED CLE 130402
U Minor 313 Behavorial Economics 202340 CB ECO 520601
U Certificate 616A Electric Vehicles 202340 FA TEC 150507
U Minor 844 Spanish for the Health and Helping Professional 202340 AS FLL 160905
U BS 924A Professional Studies 202340 UC UC 240101
G MS 304G Cybersecurity 202340 CB BUS 110802
G MS 305J Cybersecurity 202340 CB BUS 520201
G MA 709A Clinical Mental Health Counseling 202340 ED CTH 131102
G MHA 855D Health Informatics 202340 HS NHM 510701
G Certificate 856A Literacy Education 202340 ED CLE 131315
G MA 857B Adult Literacy 202340 ED CLE 131315