Academic Program Inventory Administrative View

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Level Designation Teaching Code Major, Minor or Certificate Effective Term End Term College or School Department or Program CIP Old Code
U Minor 127 Classical and Mediterranean Civilizations 202040 AS LLC 302202
U Minor 155 Health and Aging 202040 AS SOC 301101
U BS 195A Interdisciplinary Studies 202040 IDS 240101
U Concentratioin 201E Multidisciplinary 202040 AS ANT 450201
U BA 202A Anthropology 202040 AS ANT 450201
U BS 272L Public Administration / Public Management 202040 AS P S 451001
U BS 272M Public Administration / Town Administrator 202040 AS P S 451001
U Minor 306 Business Analytics 202040 CB BUS 110802
U Minor 326 Finance and Banking 202040 CB FIN 520801
U Minor 380 Risk Management and Insurance 202040 CB FIN 521701
U Minor 411 Workforce Leadership 202040 ED CI 131299
U BS 456I Workforce Leadership and Development 202040 ED CI 131299
U Minor 597 Graphic Communications Management 202040 FA ART 100301
U Minor 819 American Sign Language 202040 HS CSD 161601
U BS 840D Nutrition and Wellness 202040 HS NHM 513101
U SAC LLT Education Literacy: Education for Sustainability 202040 ED CI 131338
G Certificate 497A College and University Teaching 202040 ED LES 130406
G Certificate 717A Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 202040 ED LRE 131005
G Certificate 718A Autism 202040 ED LRE 131013
G Certificate T 719A Birth through Kindergarten (BK) 202040 ED FCS 131209
G Certificate T 720A Special Education 202040 ED LRE 131001
G Certificate 770A Music Theory Pedagogy Research and Practice 202040 MUS MUS 500912
U BS 121C Earth Systems Science 201940 AS GES 030104
U BS 121D Life Science 201940 AS GES 030104
U BA 136F Spanish and Hispanic Studies 201940 AS FLL 160199
U BS 255F Teaching 201940 AS HIS 540101
U BS 352D Digital Marketing 201940 CB MKT 521401
U Minor 357 Digital Marketing 201940 CB MKT 521401
U BS T 456H Agriculture Education 201940 ED CI 131299
U BS 597* Graphic Communications Management 201940 FA ART 100301