Accessing PIN Numbers for Registration

Accessing PIN Numbers for Registration

1. Login to Self-Service.

2. Click on the Faculty Tab.

3. On the "Advisor " link, and then click "Advisee Search."

Faculty Self Service tab

4. The Advisee Search page will be displayed.

  1. Select your term
  2. Search for a student by utilizing the search functionality or
  3. Click on 'View my Advisee Listing' to display your entire advisee listing

Advisee Search

5. If you search for a student, their name will be displayed. You can click 'View Profile' to view the student's Student Profile.

6. If you click 'View My Advisee Listing, a list of your advisees will be generated below.

  • You are able to export your advisee list by clicking on the gear in the top right corner and then clicking 'Export Advisee Listing.'

Advisee Listing

7. Clicking on a student's name or Banner ID will pull up the student's Student Profile. Clicking on the student's picture will display a profile card that displays additional information including: program of study, major, email, phone number, and address.

Student Profile Card


8. Registration PINS can be viewed for a student from the Student Profile under the 'Registration Notices' dropdown on the top right.

Student Profile