Special Course Forms

Please review the updated procedures for completing Special Course Forms, which can be found on the Forms page:

  • Actual dates of summer course/internship need to be written at the top of the form.
  • Instructor's full name should be printed on the form.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar's Office at 262-2050. For questions or concerns regarding Graduate level courses, please contact the Graduate School at 262-2130.

IMPORTANT: For summer courses, please write the actual dates the course will be taken on the top of the Special Course Form. For 10-week courses, the indication "entire summer" will be sufficient. This will ensure that the course is set up for the appropriate term and session (5-week term, graduate/teacher term, etc.)

Course Title: May not be more than 24 characters. An Independent Study (2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, or 7500) and a Selected Topic course (5530-5549) must have a title. The title should indicate the topic of the study.

Instructor Number: It is no longer necessary to reference an instructor's id number. By listing the faculty member's full name, registration staff will be able to accurately assign the instructor.

Department Name: The three-letter abbreviation that precedes the course number. For example: BIO, CIS, P E, or SPE.

Course Number: The four-digit course number. Please note that Special Course Forms may not be processed for undergraduate Selected Topics courses (1530-1549, 2530-2549, 3530-3549, or 4530-4549).

Section Number: This may be left blank. Registrar's office personnel will assign a section number when the course is set up.

Term: A three-digit number made up of the last two digits of the year and the term that the course will be taken. (1 = spring semester, 2 = first summer terms or entire summer, 3 = second summer terms, and 4 = fall semester). Remember: If the course will be taken during a summer term, please write the actual dates of the course at the top of the Special Course Form as well.

Hours Credit: Number of semester hours of credit for the course. Fixed credit courses may not be taken for a different number of credit hours. Variable credit courses may not exceed the maximum credit set for the course or be taken for less than the minimum credit set for the course.

Instructor Name: Please print the instructor's full name in this space. This will ensure that the correct faculty member is assigned to the course. This is especially important when two faculty members have the same first initial and last name or a faculty member goes by a nickname.

Signatures: Courses numbered 1000-4999 require the signature of the department chairperson and dean. Courses numbered 5000 or above also require the signature of the Graduate School.