Course Meeting Dates Exception Request

Course Meeting Dates Exception Request Procedure

All classes at Appalachian State University should have start and end dates based on the standard academic semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) using the first day of classes and the last day of final exams as approved and noted on the official university academic calendar. It is important for courses to meet within the standard semester dates to avoid scheduling and other issues for students. Compliance with the official academic calendar is important for many reasons, including:

  • Institutional and personal liability in the cases of accident or injury that might occur when a class meeting is not officially sanctioned by the calendar or subject to an exception.
  • Financial discrepancies (e.g., calculating refunds for students whose course met before the semester officially began and some of whom drop/withdraw before the semester has officially begun).
  • Student access to the library and to ASULearn begins with the official start date of the semester. Deviations from the calendar require individual, repeated updates to the student access databases.

Nonetheless, there are occasions where classes need to meet outside of these dates for academic reasons. Therefore, classes that need to have meeting start and/or end dates outside the defined semester dates may be held by exception as approved through the Dean's office of the college in which the course is offered. Any section that begins prior to, or ends after, the standard semester dates, or meets on a weekend or holiday, including winter and spring breaks, is considered an exception. Exceptions need to be requested each semester a course would like to be offered with meeting dates outside of the standard start or end dates for that semester. Study abroad and study away opportunities are exceptions that typically receive approval for non-standard start and end dates.

All requests for an exception to the standard scheduling requirement must demonstrate the academic need for an exception. The request must be approved by the chair or program director prior to being forwarded to the relevant dean's office for approval. The faculty (and/or their Department Chair) may request exceptions for specific courses or instructional activities using the Course Meeting Dates Exception Form [PDF] available from the Office of the Registrar Forms page. The semester for classes approved as exceptions is determined based on the semester in which the majority of the classes' meeting days occur.