Registration Waitlisting

Beginning with registration for Spring 2012, some course sections will be offering a waitlist that students can sign up for via AppalNet once the section is closed. The purpose of waitlisting is to allow students the ability to more easily monitor courses they need that are closed as opposed to frequently checking back on AppalNet. Waitlisting will not be available for every course and being on a waitlist for a section does not guarantee the student will get a seat in that course.

Below is a tutorial on how to add oneself to a waitlist once a course is closed. More information can be found on the Waitlisting FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Instructions for Waitlisting a Closed Section

  1. Observe that a closed course section has a waitlist tied to it by the waitlist 'Capacity', 'Actual', and 'Remainder' columns:
    observe that a closed course section is tied to waitlist
  2. The CRN associated with the waitlisted course will not be available for selection from the search for classes page:
    CRN for course will not be available for selection from search of classes
  3. Make note of the CRN and type that CRN into the Add/Drop Classes page. Press 'Submit Changes':
    type CRN into Add/Drop classes page and submit
  4. The system will reflect that the section is closed and how many people are already on the waitlist. Choose 'Wait List' from the options under the 'Action' column, press the 'Submit' button:
    choose waitlist from action menu and submit
  5. This course will be shown on the student's current schedule as 'Wait List' rather than '**Web Registered**' until the student is able to register for it, manually drop it, or the section does not open up by the end of drop/add:
    course will be displayed as wait list until student ia able to register
  6. If the student becomes eligible to register for a waitlisted class, the student will receive an e-mail informing them they have 18 hours to register for the class:
    if student becomes eligible they will receive email notification
  7. Once the student is eligible to register for the class, they will log into AppalNet, go to the 'Add/Drop Classes' page again, and choose '**Web Registered**' from the options under the 'Action' column. Press the 'Submit' button:
    to register for class: login to appalnet, selection web registered from action menu and submit
  8. Now, the student is enrolled in that section which is reflected on their 'Current Schedule':
    course will be reflected on student's current scehdule

For more information on waitlisting, visit our Waitlisting FAQ.